Credit Management Policy

Credit Management Policy

Fair Credit Management process

We ensure that Customers and former Customers are treated with fairness in relation to the Credit Management process.

We take the following actions to enable this outcome:

(a) Review:
following a Customer’s request, first contact staff will review any decision to Restrict, Suspend or Disconnect the Telecommunications Service and inform the Customer of the outcome of that review.

If the review is not undertaken and completed by the first contact staff at the time of the Customer’s request, the Supplier must notify the Customer at that time that review will be done by the management with in 24 hrs;

(b) Advise of dispute resolution options:
if the Customer remains dissatisfied with the outcome of the review, advise the Customer of how they can make a Complaint.

(c) Supplier’s mistake:
We do not impose a reconnection Charge following Suspension or Disconnection if it resulted from the Supplier’s mistake;

(d) Credit Management Charges:
We do not impose Credit Management Charges.

(e) Sale of debt:
We do not sell or assign debts to a third party;

(f) Default listed in error:
where a Supplier becomes aware that a Customer or former Customer has been default listed in error, use reasonable endeavours to inform the Credit Reporting Body within 1 Working Day;

(g) Failure to pay through no fault of Customer:
where a Customer or former Customer can demonstrate that they have taken all reasonable steps to pay a known due debt but the Bill has not been paid due to the fault of a third party or the Supplier, We ensure that:

(i) if the Customer or former Customer has been default listed with a Credit Reporting Body as a result, it notifies the Credit Reporting Body within 1 Working Day;

(ii) no additional Credit Management Charges apply; and

(iii) no other credit related disadvantages arise for the Customer or former Customer.

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